Leaving a lighter footprint

Dunlop Flooring is committed to playing our part in reducing landfill and our overall impact on the environment. Our carpet underlays are...

  • 90%
    recycled materials
  • 100%

A Healthier

Your home is a place of comfort. Dunlop Underlay recognises that this comfort also extends to factors that you can’t necessarily see, such as the air quality of your home. As such, Dunlop Carpet Underlay is Green Label accredited by the Carpet and Rug Institute in the USA, ensuring that it meets strict criteria on VOC emissions for superior indoor air quality for your entire family. After all, it’s what you can’t see that makes the difference.

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Dunlop Underlay uses Dunlop Fresh Living, an antimicrobial that’s proven to protect against destructive bacteria, moulds, and mildew, which are significant triggers for allergies like hay fever and eczema. It also helps control dust mites, which may assist in the prevention of asthma attacks. Dunlop Fresh Living also prevents odours and provides hygienic freshness to create a healthier home environment for your entire family.



Dunlop Carpet Underlay meets the requirements set by the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star Program, achieving maximum rating points for building interiors.

What’s more, we manage our own recycling program, Recycle by Dunlop, encouraging retailers to return their used underlay to us.


Participating retailers collect old or discarded foam underlay, together with off-cuts and trims sent back to them, and deliver all of this to Dunlop Flooring. Here it is cleaned, sorted, and ultimately recycled into new reusable underlay. This brand new recycled Dunlop Underlay is then passed on to the retailer, who in turn provides you the benefit of quality Australian made underlay for your home.


Proudly working with the government to protect our environment.


We recently worked with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment on a case study video that showcases how we recycle carpet underlay and use recycled content in our flooring products. Featuring our very own Sean Forde and Joe Fernandes, we were one of just twenty companies selected to participate in this fantastic campaign.

Ektimo was engaged by Dunlop Flooring to determine emissions to air from DP3 and the Boiler Stack at the Wetherill Park plant of Dunlop Flooring. Results from this stack emission monitoring program indicate that Dunlop Flooring was compliant with requirements of Licence 12721 during the sampling period. Our detected values were below the licence limit set by the NSW EPA at <0.0003. We also achieved a fine particulates isokinetic result of <2 concentration per mg/m³ and a total VOCs outcome of 0.15 concentration per mg/m³ for DP3. The boiler stack attained a fine particulates isokinetic result of <4 concentration per mg/m³ and a total VOCs outcome of <0.02 concentration per mg/m³.