Why Choose Dunlop

Choosing Dunlop Underlay is the right choice for choosing sustainable underlay. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by using recycled materials to manufacture our products. It is our goal to reduce landfill, and that’s why our underlay products are fully recyclable.

90% Recycled Materials

100% Recyclable

Recycle by Dunlop

Dunlop Flooring cleans, sorts, and recycles
off-cuts and trims into new, reusable underlay.

Choose a Healthier Home

Dunlop Underlay recognises that comfort also extends to factors you can’t necessarily see, such as the air quality of your home. Dunlop Carpet Underlay is Green Label accredited by the Carpet and Rug Institute in the USA, ensuring superior indoor air quality. Choose a healthier home for your entire family.

CRI green label plus logo - indoor air quality cushion testing program

Choose to Breathe Easy

Dunlop Underlay uses Dunlop Fresh Living, an antimicrobial that’s proven to protect against destructive bacteria, moulds, and mildew, which are significant triggers for allergies like hay fever and eczema. It also helps control dust mites, which may assist in preventing asthma attacks. Dunlop Fresh Living also prevents odours and provides hygienic freshness to your home.

Dunlop fresh living logo with antimicrobial protection

Choose a Sustainable Future

We are proud to announce we have been members of Green Building Council of Australia for 10 years! As a long-term supporter, we have helped to deliver healthy, resilient and positive places.

We take sustainability seriously and we are proud to be a long standing GBCA member to share our expertise, influence industry and learn from one another.

green building council australia member logo

Dunlop Renu

Renu Underlay is the most sustainable bio-based carpet underlay. It is 100% recyclable and made from 98% recycled materials. Choose an ethically sourced underlay that is guaranteed to last the life of your carpet.

Dunlop Renu 100% recyclable underlay logo