Synonymous with durability and comfort, this exclusive underlay offers increased softness underfoot and is guaranteed to last the life of your carpet.


Technical Specs

Thickness: 10mm

Density meter

  • (85 KG/M³)

Roll Length

Roll Width

Roll Size

Project name04

The minimum requirement as set by the NCC is 62 dB (the lower the dB result for the flooring assembly, the better the acoustic performance).

Thermal resistance is a measure of a material’s ability to resist heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the better heat transfer resistance of that material

Features & Benefits

Your home is a place of comfort. Dunlop Flooring recognises that this comfort also extends to factors that you can’t necessarily see, such as the air quality of your home. A Dunlop Parrys Comfort Plus underlay is Green Label accredited by the Carpet and Rug Institute in the USA, ensuring that they meet strict criteria on VOC emissions for superior indoor air quality for your entire family. After all, it’s what you can’t see that makes the difference.
Dunlop_Fresh Living_WHITE-04

This Carpet Underlay has been treated with Dunlop Fresh-Living which provides proven effective control of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi whilst also helping to control dust mites which may assist in the prevention of asthma and other allergies. Fresh-Living also provides lasting hygienic freshness, effective odour protection and extends product life by resisting deterioration.


Makes carpet feel richer, thicker and more luxurious


Extends the life of your carpet by absorbing impact


Improves carpet appearance and retention


Acts as a thermal insulator


Improves acoustics by reducing noise transfer


Suitable for all floor types including heated slabs up to 40°C


Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable


Guaranteed for the life of the flooring


Australian made


Meets Australian Standards AS 4288-2003 for soft underlays

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